Stora Enso welcomes wind turbines on its site

Stora Enso welcomes wind turbines on its site

On 27 February the first sod was cut for the construction of three wind turbines at the premises of paper producer Stora Enso in Ghent.

Stora Enso Gent focuses on green energy

Every year, Stora Enso Langerbrugge, located in the Ghent port area, produces 540,000 tonnes of recycled newsprint and magazine paper based on 100% Paper for Recycling, paper waste. The paper mill also operates two high-quality bio combined heat and power plants that supply the necessary process steam and more than 70% of the electricity need.

Since the autumn of 2016, Stora Enso Langerbrugge is sending green energy via an underground heat network to Volvo Car Gent, where ENGIE also has three wind turbines. The Ghent paper mill equally focuses on additional renewable energy by constructing three wind turbines on its site.

Three new wind turbines provide for a decrease by 9,600 tons of CO2 emissions per year

The three wind turbines on the Stora Enso site each have a capacity of 3.2 MW and will produce a yearly 21 GWh of electricity, the equivalent of the average yearly power consumption of 6,000 families. As a direct consequence of this, the CO2 emissions will decrease by 9,600 tons per year.

All renewable electricity produced by these three wind turbines will entirely be used to produce the paper at the Stora Enso mill in Ghent in an even more sustainable way.

Wind4Flanders, a public-private partnership between ENGIE and the finance companies FIGGA, FINILEK, IKA and the Brussels Intermunicipal Electricity company (IBE), will build and finance the three wind turbines. It concerns a local investment of 15 million euros.