Oleon Biodiesel

Oleon Biodiesel operates a biodiesel plant with a capacity of 100.000 tons/year.
Since January 2007 the plant is fully operational and produces biodiesel to the
EN 14214 specification.

Our raw materials are rapeseed oil and recycled vegetable oils, because these oils are
considered as the most sustainable option for biodiesel production. Furthermore, a
blend of these oils results in premium quality biodiesel.

Oleon Biodiesel is located in Ertvelde, in the port of Ghent. It fully benefits from
the harbour infrastructure: all raw materials and finished products are shipped via
inland waterways or by sea-going vessels. The location near Ghent is also ideally
suited to deliver biodiesel to the fuel depots in Ghent.

Oleon Biodiesel was granted production licenses by the Belgian and French
governments, which gives Oleon Biodiesel the right to produce biodiesel for the
Belgian and French markets.

Oleon Biodiesel is a subsidiary of Diester International, a group with biodiesel plants
in Germany, Austria and Italy.