Capricorn Cleantech Fund

Capricorn Cleantech Fund is a venture capital fund managed by Capricorn Venture
Partners nv. Capricorn Cleantech Fund has currently over 110 million EUR available for
investments in European cleantech companies. Fund investors are Electrabel (Group
Suez), Agri Investment Fund (Boerenbond), PMV and LRM (regional investment
companies), Dexia, Solvay, European Investment Fund, Sitra, private investors and
pension funds.

Capricorn Cleantech Fund invests in European innovative growth companies
that own or develop breakthrough technologies in the field of:

• renewable energy and energy efficiency
• water purification and re-use
• biobased products and biorefinery platforms
• clean air, decarbonisation and climate change
• green chemistry and advanced materials
• materials recovery and recycling

Capricorn Cleantech Fund will make investments based on the following

• Equity investments resulting in a significant minority stake in privately held
companies in Europe.
• Companies owning defendable intellectual property and having a proven
technology base, as evidenced by the existence of a proof of concept and by a
fully understood mode of action.
• Initial investment (typically 0.5 - 3 million euro) in the first or second VC rounds;
the fund will keep a reserve for follow-on investments.
• Exit perspective within a period of 3 to 7 years after initial investment.

Capricorn Venture Partners was established in 1993 and is based in Leuven
(Belgium). Capricorn is an independent manager of venture capital funds that focus
on innovative European companies with technology as the competitive advantage.
Capricorn’s investment team is composed of experienced investment managers
with deep technology expertise and a broad industrial experience.