Bioro is the only biodiesel plant in Belgium that covers the whole production process
from rapeseed to biodiesel on a single site.

Bioro – producer of biodiesel:
Bioro is a biodiesel plant with a production capacity of 250,000 tons/year, situated
at the Rodenhuize docks in the port of Ghent. Bioro NV is a joint venture between
Biodiesel Holding NV, Cargill NV and Vanden Avenne BVBA. Bioro was created
in March 2005 and the company’s mission is to develop the production and
commercialisation of biodiesel in Europe.

The biodiesel site at the Rodenhuize docks:
Bioro’s biodiesel site at the Rodenhuize docks in the Port of Ghent is the perfect
location for the supply of raw materials as well as for the distribution of the finished
biodiesel. Bioro’s unique feature is the total integration of the site, from raw material
to refined end product without intervening transports. Moreover, this integration
creates opportunities in other domains.

Pioneer of the biobased economy:
Belgium is a pioneer of the biobased economy. Belgian universities and researchers,
innovative companies operating from Belgium and politicians with a vision all play
a role in an evolution that will award Belgium a place on the world map of the
biobased economy.

Bioro plays a major part in this economy of the 21st century. Particularly in the field
of biodiesel, its activities in the Port of Ghent will give considerable support to the
Belgian economy, environment and agriculture.