Biopark Terneuzen

Biopark Terneuzen represents a new thinking in the creation of agro-industrial
sustainability. Under the ‘Smart Link’ name, Biopark Terneuzen promotes and
facilitates the exploitation of key synergies between businesses located in the same
geographic area. Specifically, it helps to maximise the potential of the exchange
and use of each other’s by- and waste products which then become feedstock,
energy or utility supplements for their own production processes. By converting
waste stream into Smart Links, Biopark Terneuzen’s partners are able to capitalise
on residual values that would otherwise go unused.

Importantly for businesses smart linking can:
• Eliminate storage and disposal costs
• Lower environmental taxes
• Optimise production costs
• Improve profitability

In the wider context these bio-complementary partnerships combine to help:
• Conserve non-renewable resources
• Exploit the recoverable value of resources after first use
• Reduce the waste and pollution burden on the atmospheric and physical environments
• Contribute to the sustainability of future industrial growth

An ideal trading location: Zeeland Seaports is one of the initiators of the
Biopark Terneuzen project. It is a logical extension of its overall management and
development responsibility for the merged ports and port areas of Terneuzen and
Vlissingen. Zeeland Seaports, strategically located on the Westerscheldt estuary
between Rotterdam and Antwerp, has an open connection to the North Sea and
the Rhine-Scheldt Canal. It serves both the global liner routes and Europe’s inland
waterways, handling the full range of cargoes, break bulk, liquids and containers.
Zeeland Seaports also offers first class road, pipeline and rail links to and from the
hinterland of Europe thereby providing an ideal trading and transportation hub for
local, national and international businesses.

An open door to the future: Biopark Terneuzen is a work in progress and welcomes
the participation of any producer or supplier company seeking to contribute
to and benefit from sustainable development.