Alco Bio Fuel

Alco Bio Fuel is one of Belgium’s major bio-ethanol plants. It is a joint partnership
between Alcogroup (a Brussels based ethanol production and trading company),
Vanden Avenne Izegem, AVEVE and Wal.Agri (Belgium’s largest grain receiving
group). This exceptional collaboration, between shareholders of vast experience in
all products related to the bio-ethanol production process, has resulted in an excellent
bundling of competences necessary to the production of topgrade bio-ethanol.

The Alco Bio Fuel plant has an annual capacity of 150,000 m³ and has been awarded
an annual quota of 90,000 m³ under the Belgian quota system.

Alco Bio Fuel’s strategic location at the Rodenhuizedok, in the Port of Ghent, offers
several advantages for the efficient production of top-grade bio-ethanol:
• The port is ideally located within close range of the biggest wheat producing
regions in North-West Europe. Imports from all European regions and the rest
of the world can be achieved with equal efficiency.
• The production unit is located next to Euro-Silo, a grain stevedoring company
with a storage capacity of 650,000 tons. Euro-Silo takes care of the handling
of grains and co-products of Alco Bio Fuel.
• The existing transport network and infrastructure offers multiple options for
the transport of both raw materials and finished products; whether by road,
rail, barge and coaster or the largest Panamax ships.
• Ghent is also close to Antwerp and Rotterdam, Europe’s largest petroleum
refining hub.

In addition, the purpose built, Alco Bio Fuel production unit incorporates the latest
in state-of-the-art technologies. The production plant is able to utilize a wide variety
of grains; however the main raw material being used is wheat, which is abundantly
available in the region. In order to optimize environmental benefits, Alco Bio Fuel
also makes use of the latest technology for energy balance, CO2 balance and water

Collaboration, location and technology; these 3 factors together make Alco Bio Fuel
a highly competitive and flexible bio-ethanol production unit.